10679714_10152341657228157_4576092539310356298_oHi.  I’m cck.  That’s right – initials.  It’s the like the Southern equivalent of Cher or Madonna.  Well, perhaps that’s a bit much…

I wanted a family.  And I got one. In 2006, I met my husband – the Amazing K. He’s stuck around through thick and thin, a trait I’ve tried to copy. He wanted a family, too. We had some hurdles: a diagnosis of infertility shocked us a bit. But like most things thrown at us, we managed.

After starting infertility treatment, with a small chance of success according to our specialist, we got pregnant in September 2011.  Our first child, C^3, arrived in May 2012. The first pregnancy – unmedicated – was a success. Baby #2 followed quickly after and we’re blessed with two precious daughters. Call us crazy, we’re hoping for two more.

I’m sarcastic, occasionally witty and often whiny.  I drink Diet Coke, wear a lot of black and talk with a slight accent.  I love my home state, South Carolina, but thoroughly enjoy living so close to the Gulf of Mexico.  I have an incredible family that I’ve patchworked together.  I enjoy my life.



  1. There is something about your writing that makes me keep reading. I enjoy the way that you write and how your words work together. I feel like I’m reading a book or like you’ve written directly to me. It’s conversational, but very well written and your honesty is refreshing. Really. 🙂

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