Posted by: cck | March 13, 2016


The littlest one turned two. It seems simple – that moving past babyhood into full-blown, whirling dervish toddler. It is, after all, the progression of the things.

But, the things. Oh, the things. Of all the things this child is, she is happy. Her older sister turned us into a family. She cemented us as parents, as if we knew what we were doing in the first place. There could be no doubt, as this second girl came hurdling towards us how real our family was.


Her first birthday was all about sunshine. This one was about superheroes. The child is all of it – bright, sunny, and fearless. She hurls her body in places it should not go, mainly on top of her sister. She runs, jumps, falls and does it all on constant repeat. She is the first to give you a kiss in the morning and runs to hug people. She is rarely shy.

Most everyone thought she was quiet. I’ll be honest, everyone seems quiet when around C3. She’s not quiet though, she’s contemplative. She’ll watch, then jump. She talks when she wants to, not when you want her to. C4 does not live to please; she does not search for approval. C4, who we call Beanie, is exactly what I didn’t picture. She is all the colors in the rainbow, but not disordered – just very, very bright.

I have no idea why we had almost 40 people at our house on Saturday to celebrate turning two. She won’t remember it. But I will remember her holding court with friends and family. I will be there to tell her she donned her cape and flew towards detonating bombs (ehhh, bubbles). As she becomes the middle child, her birthdays will remain a priority for me. Celebrating C4 will not fall to the wayside.

Not that she would let it.

Her first year passed with such a blur. Most of it hip-related, but also just because two kids made it different, both harder and easier. I still hold guilt for leaving her so young. This second year of her life though? All of it spent with both of her parents within constant ear shot? Well, it’s hard not to see that she’s a happy kid.

We are onto the third one – the third year and the third kid. This family, man. It just keeps getting more real.


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