Posted by: cck | July 9, 2014

the fourth

This summer is slow. When I’m looking at it positively, I’m glad – it’s good that a time that could have easily evaporated into a toddler’s demands and the cries of a new infant is now deliberate. The four of us are together for nearly every outing. There was a point, on the day before Independence Day, that I wanted to run away. While the hardest part of this injury is the deficit to my family, the second hardest part is that I haven’t had any alone time. I can’t jump in the car and run to Target, walking anonymously down the aisles. There’s no quick errand at 9pm after everyone is ready for bed. I miss my own power.

Anyway, I can do a pity party some other time. I’m seven weeks post-op, down more than 70lbs since March 12th, and have a new king* size bed. I can pollyana for days, but the first week of July still hit us hard. K was sick with a summer cold. C3 came home with a case of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease. Of course, in typical C3 fashion, she was a total trooper. Covered in calamine, her fever lasted just under 72 hours. We fed her popsicles and cold drinks to help the sores in her mouth. And she wore lots of pants so she couldn’t scratch herself bloody. Incubation period is two weeks, so we’re keeping a close eye on the Little One. I think we may be okay.

The grandparents went to visit my nephew in Savannah, so we played in their pool each afternoon. C3 loves swimming in her “muscles” and we indulged her. I finally got in the pool thanks to some creative butt maneuvering. To say it was awesome is an understatement. Floating was great, but being able to actually play with C3 was what filled my soul. She’s a physical girl – she loves to be lifted and tossed and tickled and rocked. I was able to do it all, like I was a normal mom. I’ve got five more weeks of zero weight bearing, and it’s going to go so damn fast. #powerofpositivethinking

photo (8)We went to the park in the mornings, and the Little One had her first moment in a swing. I took the wheelchair. You should have seen us, the Little One in the ergo pouch, C3 on my lap, and K pushing us down the sidewalk (all while singing our ABC’s). The park has mulch, so I knew I couldn’t just wheel myself over to the swings. Um. Until I heard C3 squeal with delight that her sister was swinging beside her. I was not going to miss it. I pushed myself into the park, over the mulch, over the branches. If you had seen my face, you would have seen fierce determination – otherwise known as motherhood. I got stuck and K wheeled me closer so I could push the Little One too. This whole thing has caused much difficulty for him, but you never really know the strength of a person until you’re tested. He saw my face; he knew what I wanted. And while I have to nag him to unload the dishwasher, he always gives me the help I need to be front and center with my children.

We got a sprinkler for the front yard. C3 wasn’t interested and just stood there staring at it with disdain. Until we told her it was time to go inside – then it was all jumping in puddles and running through the cool water. Not to be outdone, the Little One likes to be in the pool too. She kicks her legs and giggles and tries to drink all the water.

There was a lot of time spent eating hot dogs (a personal favorite), singing our ABC’s, and laughing. Always laughing.

*K and I have had hand-me-down beds the entire span of our relationship. My bed from college, his bed from college, my dead grandmother’s Queen, his parent’s 10 year old Queen… Well, we went and got us a king size bed. A really good, firm, gorgeous king size bed. We can fit all of us in – not that we have to now that C3 is sleeping in her bedroom. It is lovely! And after being in a hospital bed and away from him for nearly six weeks, sleeping next to my husband is niiiiiice. Although, the snoring I could do without. 🙂


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