Posted by: cck | July 8, 2014

the littlest one

K hates the way I refer to the girls. I call out, “Take the baby!” or “The baby needs a change!” and he has no idea who I am talking about. They’re both babies. I’ve started calling the newest one, the little one. This kid is easy going – she’s calm, extraordinarily smiley, and always hungry. The pudge, I cannot. I just love the pudge.

photo 1 (3)

She lives to eat – and likes to be near her food source (me!) at all times. She likes to be held and cuddled. She sleeps, tucked into the crook of my arm. Or, more likely, sprawled out across my chest – one chubby arm wrapped as high as she can get it around my neck, legs below my belly. She wants to be held at all times. She loves music – lights up when singing to her. She watches her sister, adorably entranced by the active toddler.

SistersThere’s peach fuzz, light strawberry blond peach fuzz. Light colored eyes that reflect whatever is around her. Long, long lashes. She is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I have no idea who she’s shaping up to be — I can tell she’s a sweet. When people smile at her, her whole face lights up and she gives this bright, toothless smile. Her smile is really special. But she reserves it for people; pull out a camera and the odds are you won’t see it.

photo (6)She doesn’t like sitting in the car and will cry loudly. Once the car is in motion, she’s fine – she doesn’t like sitting still. She wants to be rocked and jiggled and wants to see what’s going on with her people. She sits at a high chair during meals, studying the eaters. Again, she really likes food. She’s had a little ice cream – now a tradition for K kids. I made some peach puree the other day from gorgeously ripe peaches. It’s in the freezer waiting for her five month birthday. I’m pretty sure she’s close to 20 lbs. We’ll find out next week.

At night, after the toddler is asleep in her big girl bed, she coos and talks to her dad and I. She’s very talkative and expressive. Then, she settles in for an hour or so at the boob, taking her time eating to last her through the night. She always loses her socks at this point, moving her feet until she’s free from footwear.

Compared to the talking, bumbling, running toddler, she’s sort of quiet. But, as far as babies go – this one is interesting. You sort of forget the gentleness of an infant when you’re with a toddler. She wakes up with a smile. She falls asleep with a smile. She laughs with her whole body.

I love this kid.


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