Posted by: cck | June 9, 2014

energy game

This is all a game of energy. This morning, after a relatively slow weekend, I was wiped out. Part of it was a baby girl whose cluster feeding kept me up through the night; part of it was my body growing back together. Like a baby’s growth spurt, my body needs energy to heal itself.

This is why I’m taking another two weeks off. This is why I’m taking extra calcium and D3. This is why I’m giving myself – my normal, driven, keep-it-moving self – permission to take a morning and afternoon nap.

M2014-06-08 08.16.55y body is healing. It won’t happen overnight. No matter how many isometric exercises I do or how many meditations I say, this is just going to take time. I have no control over the healing. Much like caring for a newborn, I have to roll with this. I have to bend under the weight of this. I cannot fight the weariness. I cannot fight the pain. If I ride this – like a wave – then I will be that much healthier by August (or November or whenever I get clearance to put weight on my right side).

In the meantime, I’m getting closer to Michelle arms. And I could not be happier.




  1. If you need terrible TV recommendations, I’m your gal. Like did you know that there’s a British reality show called “Big Ballet”? I’m sure you didn’t. It’s awesome.

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