Posted by: cck | April 18, 2014

Y’all. Y’all. This is good. Life as a family of four continues to rock my socks off.

Let’s see… The smallest one is bulking up – on Tuesday she was 12 lbs and 7 oz. She’s getting the look of a Michelin tire man, just like K. Breastfeeding is going well, and while I’m not quite getting enough sleep, it’s good. She’s still a snuggler and likes to sleep  with her sister. I’m still counting our lucky stars how well C3 is adjusting.

C3’s vocabulary has exploded. She repeats everything, which has proved daunting for K and I as we (try to) curb our language. She hops and skips and is still trying to climb most things. We start allergy testing next week. That, coupled with pollen season ending, should make it easier for her to breathe. I miss going to the park. The last time we went, we swung together. She was on my lap, facing me with her legs on either side. As we flew through the air, her laughter filled the air. I totally can remember swinging with mom at the park on Anglewood. I laughed – now is the time that I’m building memories with my daughter that are echoes of my own.

I love it.

Tonight, we’re going to attempt to dye eggs. It will either be awesome or a beautiful disaster. I’m okay with either.


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