Posted by: cck | March 31, 2014

and we continue

We continue to have good weather and normal moods. Y’all, I cannot say how much I am loving this version of newborn life. Of course, I’m real ready for K to take a night feeding (or two), but I’ll take this happy, quiet, easier thing we’ve got going on.

I made a deal with my doctor – four to six months of this, provided there are no symptoms. Four to six months and then I’ll go back on my meds, no matter how well it’s still going. K and I are still planning to grow our family, and I’ll need some time on medicine before I come off of it again. At least, that’s my plan.

My little C4 is doing well. She’s regained all her birth weight and is now a hefty ten-pounder. She loves to be held. She’ll lay in the bassinet – sure – but she’d much rather be nestled under your chin. Her eyelashes are coming in – I mean, seriously – how cool is that? Here’s a tiny human born with no eyelashes, and then day-by-day, they appear. It’s like magic.

Also, dimples.

deep dimples

deep dimples

Saturday I took the girls to a children’s museum/play area down in St Pete. It was so much fun – I had C4 in the ergo and we chased C3 around everywhere. I loved putting the girls in matching clothes (um, maybe too much?). I’ve already procured their Easter dresses. I always had a new dress for Easter, so of course the girls are going to have one. I’ve been trying to do coordinating clothes more than matchy-matchy, but for Easter it’s matching, pale pink, smocked angel dresses. Because I can.


checking out the groceries

checking out the groceries

How did I luck out with these kids? C3 is doing so well with the addition of a new human in the household. She loves her sister. Upon waking up, she asks, “Where’s Babe?” She won’t call her by name, instead preferring the cute “Babe.” I love it. I think it’s ridiculous. I tried to make “Sissy” happen, but K didn’t care for it. She’s constantly touching her, stroking her hair, tickling her feet. She loves tummy time because she can get all close to C4. I really like having two.

C3 is doing so much more than I expected at 22 months. She’s trying to count, drawing shapes, identifying colors. I’m so proud of her – as if I had anything to do with this development. I’ve got to read some parenting books though – when I say, “No,” I get maniacal laughter. Could have been the ‘roids she was on this past week (oof, steroids, I hate you), but something’s got to give. We’re going for allergy testing next week – and I’m so glad. C3 has been on and off that nebulizer since Thanksgiving. I think it’s asthma brought on by allergies, so we’ll see if we can’t get her well once and for all.

My work has already called – and while I feel a bit like I’m humble bragging – yes, they want me to go to a meeting in Boca next week… I’m sort of pissed they won’t leave me alone. I want them to leave me alone, but I am glad at the hours I’m accruing for PTO when I return to work. I just wish… just like last time, that I could be a stay at home mom. I like it. (Who wouldn’t?)


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