Posted by: cck | March 21, 2014

labor down

I reached the moment of desired eviction the weekend before C4 was born. We spent the weekend doing absolutely nothing to prepare for her arrival and everything to enjoy the family we had. I wanted to play – with K, with C3 – without any stress. We went to the zoo and three different parks. We had a picnic. K and I made love. We slept in and took naps. It was absolutely glorious.





Major Napping

Major Napping

The night before, only giggles.

The night before, only giggles.

I had contractions all over the place. At the zoo, six minutes apart only to stop on the drive home. Sunday night, intense contractions that grew and then waned. By Tuesday, I was ready to give up. I took the day off and spent it walking. We walked the neighborhood. We walked the mall. At one point I thought my water had broken only to realize I had peed my pants. It was awesome, and terribly frustrating. K had taken the day off too – and he was frustrated. That night, I had a dream my water broke. I woke up a little after midnight and my dream (in so many ways) had come true. I was leaking.

K’s parents came over to pick up C3 – and that was just what I did not want to happen – the dramatic midnight thing. C3 didn’t handle it well. Leaving my crying daughter was awful. Of course, we were excited and giddy (and like, really tired), but it was the only difficult part of the night.

We got there and I walked to the maternity ward (a personal goal). I had leaked everywhere, which was comical. My contractions were no where close enough or regular or strong. My body was no where ready. I labored for a while, we walked the halls, we tried to rest.

Happy epidural faces!

Happy epidural faces!

Looking back, it was pretty easy – just loooooong. My body took a while to catch up to where my head was – let’s meet this baby! I got an epidural too early. I wish I had better tracking of my contractions, I think I could have lasted longer. But when you see your contractions are only scoring 20s, there’s no way you’ll get to 100. I got the epidural, we took a much-needed nap. It took forever to for C4 to get down. By 3:40 I was pushing with completely numb legs. At 4:02pm, C4 had arrived.

She's perfect.

She’s perfect.

All 9lbs, 2.8oz and 22inches of her. She was a giant. She was ridiculously tiny. She was not particularly pretty, looking a bit like an old man. She had hair, but not as much as was foretold. She was absolutely everything my soul needed.  She was part of me that was missing. She is perfect.

Proud Daddy

Proud Daddy

She's gorgeous.

She’s gorgeous.




  1. Ah … a beautiful story, beautifully told! I am so so so very happy for you, my special one!

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