Posted by: cck | March 20, 2014

the new normal

I have two children. The first time that really flew out of my mouth – sitting in a hospital bed, chatting with my OB – I giggled. My children, my kids, my two girls – I have two children.

It’s been eight days and it’s been completely different. Better. Easier. Calmer.

I like this, this new normal. I like the feeling of two children – one under each arm. K said he wanted enough children to just pile them all in the bed and be completely covered. I’m not sure about all that, but I love the fact that we have these two girls in our home, in our lives.



  1. Oh … I love this … I just plain ole love it when I say … “you and the girls” … it is like music and just seems “right”. I love you, precious!

    xoxoxo AC

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