Posted by: cck | February 19, 2014

closer than I thought

On Friday, I visited my OB for what now begins the weekly visits. I have four more to go before my due date. However, based on my last trip to the stirrups – it’s not going to be that long. All of a sudden, at 35w3d, I was measuring 39 weeks. I was about 30% effaced — no dilation yet, but I can feel that working it’s way up/in/out(?). One of my favorite doctors, Dr D, told me she thought I had two weeks.

Wha? Two weeks? I was supposed to go to Boca this week. I was supposed to have at least three more weeks to transition work duties, get a nursery in order, paint a dresser. I was supposed to have more TIME with only C^3 before she is no longer an “only.” Insert laughter from the universe here. I don’t get to control this in any way shape or form. I’ve got a big ol’ baby in my belly who dances every time she hears her sister’s laughter. She wants to come out and meet the world.

I cannot wait. I am jubilant. I am scared. I am ready. I am anxious.

On Saturday, my family and friends gathered to throw me a sprinkle and it was precious. Little baby onesies decorated the house, with the smells of amazing cooking by my aunt wafting from the kitchen. We played with other kiddos – and as they’re all growing up I realize I’ve known them since they were little tiny babies. I love that. I love that C4 was showered with love too. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I’m nervous about all the things that any mother-to-be is nervous about: breast feeding, sleep deprivation, balance. At the same time I’m anxious, I’m also calmer than I was last time. My blood pressure is low (holla 110/70!), I’m not obsessing about nail polish or the coming home outfit (both have already been picked out, natch), and I’ve been socializing and having fun before we have to get used to a new normal. I’m having my placenta encapsulated – which I know sounds bizarre – but I’m hoping it helps with the creepy weepies. I’ve got a breast pump all ready to go and a couple cans of formula. All the clothes and diapers are washed and I’ve got a lunch date with some no-VOC primer today. I’ve got this. Or, I’ve got this as much as I am able.



  1. Oh so much to comment on for both of your new posts (or new since I checked in) but mostly I’m glad you’re doing ok and proud you are asking for help (I love my housekeeper) and there’s nothing wrong with asking people to load the dishwasher.

    I totally want to do placenta encapsulation this time, too! I was planning on it with SH. If it can help with depression and milk production, why the hell not?

    So excited for you!

    Also, do you still want the Mickey stuff for CG’s birthday? Let me know and I’ll get it in the mail pronto.

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