Posted by: cck | December 31, 2013

on to the next one

Why, hello there December 31st! I started writing up the whole Christmas-palooza breakdown last night, but I realize that I have a tradition of sorts. I write on the last day of the year. Wha? Who am I to break tradition? (Insert maniacal laughter right about here.)

I’m having serious trouble writing sentences that mean something. In this past year, I’ve received major accolades at work. K and I bought a home, did major renovations, and hired folks to finish it up. Our daughter has morphed into a toddler and rarely stops running. We timed and tried and had successful sex that resulted in a baby being formed. We joined a church, baptised our daughter, and grew in our faith. I did not, despite several years of hope, start a new hobby. I did, however, live a year of being (mostly) present.

We didn’t do anything extraordinary this year – well, there was a lot of flooring and painting that happened, but I wouldn’t call that extraordinary. We lived each day with happy, tired smiles. There was a lot of walking to the park. There were many naps. There were many moments of, “Oh what have we done?” that we gracefully and not-so-gracefully got through. We made lots of dinners. We changed lots of diapers. We wrote lots of checks. We laughed, a lot.

I was happy almost every single day in 2013. It’s a continuation of a theme – and I am so glad I chose this life. I am so glad this life chose me. Happiness is chosen and worked for, it doesn’t just happen. Perhaps that’s become my hobby, if a very self-serving one. Next year is going to be an adjustment… the new baby and new routines of our life will crack us and realign us. I think – hope – for the better. I’m excited to see what 2014 has in store for my family – for me. I think it’s going to be a very good year.


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