Posted by: cck | December 2, 2013


I am in need of a day off. I need an entire day where I have no responsibilities. At 26 weeks pregnant, I realize that day is a long way off.

It’s busy up in here. We had a busy Thanksgiving – a day down south, a wedding weekend on the east coast. We arrived at Gramma’s house in pajamas and watched the parade. We ate waaaaay too much stuffing and turkey. We danced on the shore at the Atlantic (C^3’s first time, btw).

2013-11-28 12.39.00

2013-11-28 17.41.13

2013-11-30 15.50.58

And I feel relatively ready for Christmas, which means some sort of catastrophe is about to hit. Nah, I’m not inviting anything, I just feel entirely too prepared for the holiday. There’s a tree that will go up tonight. Lights for the outside of the house. A santa yoda. Life is good.

2013-11-28 12.36.01-1



  1. So happy to have been a part of the 2013 Giving Of Thanks — what a beautiful memory to have been walking on the beach with C^3 — thanks for catching it on camera AND for giving it to me as well!

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