Posted by: cck | November 27, 2013

it’s bright

I’m in a Christmas mood. There’s this fetus jumping around inside of me (wow! placenta placement really does make a difference!), it’s starting to get cool, the nice men who have been laboring to turn my demo’d master bedroom into a habitable space are almost done…  I’ve actually been listening to Christmas carols for the last week or so – secretly of course.

I don’t want to “rush” the holiday, I want to squeeze every minute of joy out of it I can. It’s no secret that I carry baggage from Christmases-past, but this year (much like last year and the year before it) I am eagerly awaiting the first of December. I want to pull out decorations and put up a tree and send my Christmas cards out.

Sunday night, The Wizard of Oz was on. I caught one glimpse of a munchkin and wondered if C^3 would find it interesting. She was quietly playing with blocks at my feet – but one mention of the yellow brick road and she was up in my lap, mesmerized by the technicolor splendor. Of course, she’s older so she’s noticing more… Of course, she is. But dang if this isn’t so terribly fun.


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