Posted by: cck | November 21, 2013

this little light of mine

Y’all, where did this year go? I mean – poof! – it’s nearly Thanksgiving! It’s still 78 degrees down here, but it’s getting cooler at night and almost feels like Fall. Of course, I feel a little bit in-shape for the season. I’ve ordered Christmas cards, gathered addresses, am almost half-way done with my shopping… I’m not cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but I am having a half-birthday party the day after where I’ll be turning non-existent leftovers into party food, which means actually cooking some Thanksgiving-like things so said leftovers appear.

Half birthdays. Yeah, I may be a little crazy there. My family celebrated them each year with silly traditions like half-wrapped presents and a split cake. I loved my half birthday and so I’m keeping the tradition alive. What could be better than birthday cake after Thanksgiving? C^3 is getting a tea set. If you watch the video below, you’ll understand that we need to start having tea parties stat. I wanted to get her a little china one (after all, I still vividly remember mine and the little tin it was kept in), but K reminded me that she’s still a baby. Throwing things remains a passion of hers… so, recycled plastic it is!

The kitchen set is coming for Christmas and I admit – part of me is worried about springing for all these girl-centric toys. That is, until I look around our playroom and see dinosaurs and trains and farms and very little pink. I have a daughter; I can’t pretend she won’t be interested in pink and princesses and things that she sees me do.

She sees me managing and directing and working. She also sees me doing laundry and cooking and putting on makeup. It’s all the facets of modern motherhood – and I have to encourage all parts of it, with a foundation of self-worth. A princess isn’t worthy because a prince desires her or because she’s got a sparkly party dress. A princess is worthy because she’s smart and fair and fights for the things she believes in. Pink can be powerful. And whether C^3 or C^4 decides to rock pink or eschew its hues, I’ll be there cheering them on.

And I cannot wait to play in this kitchen.



  1. E got a kitchen her 2nd Christmas, too, and she loved it sooo much. And still plays in it. She also helps me in the kitchen. I had her sitting on the counter since she was a baby and now she stands on her stool and measures and mixes and pours. It’s awesome. Every kid, boy or girl, needs a kitchen and to learn to cook yummy (and hopefully healthy) food for themselves so yay for kitchens! 🙂

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