Posted by: cck | November 6, 2013

with a kick

My placenta is in back this time, so there’s all this movement I’m feeling. I’ve been feeling this C* move around for a while – like since the doctor told me there’s no way a three inch earthworm would move around so much that I could feel it… But feel it I did. And I feel her now – swimming, dropping, kicking, pummeling. I forgot how cool this feeling is – the whole, there’s a life in there thing.

C3 loves to blow on my ever-growing stomach. I’m pretty sure this C knows about it because I feel a following kick. Fighting sisters already? Nah, I am choosing to believe these girls are going to be fast friends.

And, um, it’s November? What the hey? I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, choosing instead to go south for a little jetty action. Christmas will be awesome, as I think someone will be a bit more aware of her surroundings. I can’t wait to see if she actually notices the Christmas tree this year (a thought I’ll probably be ruing the day after it goes up). I’m almost finished getting bids from contractors on finishing our house. We’re just… out of time. I’m starting to nest and I cannot find the hours to finish things like drywall and laying floor. Neither can K – he just… we’re out of steam.

I cannot wait to be back in a real bed (at least a real bed frame) in our master bedroom. I can. not. wait. I still feel a bit like we’re camping out – mattress and lamps on the floor in our bedroom, no dresser or side tables, a hallway exposed to the concrete slab.  We’re even considering just going for it and refreshing our bathrooms. The original avocado green shower enclosure is just screaming for something new. We’ll see how the quotes come back (fingers crossed! for both affordability and deadlines before Christmas!).

The second trimester slump is over – I feel more like myself. I’m definitely feeling pregnant at the end of the day. Last night I fell asleep while reading to C3, she patted me and toddled off to find K to finish her Sesame Street book. He does a better Elmo voice anyway. I hope I’m not cutting her babyhood short. I hope I’m not short changing her. I hope I can be a good mother to two. I hope this pregnancy keeps on moving forward with the speed and comfort I’ve experienced so far.

*I need a name for this C – the growing, fetus C. I was planning on C4, but that just seems like I’m setting her up to be explosive. I don’t get that vibe from her. I sense a lot of stubbornness – it runs in the family – but also a sort of feminine softness. I can express it in peach – she feels very peachy to me, whereas C3 felt like ruby and turquoise. Any suggestions?


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