Posted by: cck | October 7, 2013


I don’t care for ketchup. For the longest time, I didn’t even like tomatoes. Until, of course, I discovered mild salsa and then I was gone. Now I eat tomatoes on everything, but still no ketchup.

Anyway. C3 hadn’t had ketchup until very recently. When she did… well, she’s very much like her aunt who puts ketchup on everything.

Don’t judge Five Guys; I was craving a cheeseburger like nothing else. I love this video of my daughter. It’s so very her – intense concentration and huge smiles. At the end of nearly every meal, she is moved to offer giant hugs to whomever brought her a plate. At sixteen months, she is just blossoming into this babbling, moving, incredibly happy little girl. She can be such a ham. It astounds me. I look at her, and see lots of K – but also my father’s eyes and my mother-in-law’s chin. She has the ringlets of my brother and her Gigi’s father. She is this total person – all herself, and all of us.

And yes, the bow. Oh gaw, the bows. I am head over heels in love with her bows. This one is garnet and gold and, um, (hangs head) monogrammed. I order them from a Georgia mom on Etsy: Precious Angel Bows. She’s really nice and they’re relatively affordable all things considered.  If this here fetus really is a girl, K wants her to have the same initials as C3 just to save on monogramming.



  1. Things makes me smile. My two year old cousin will eat anything if you put ketchup on it…it’s weird but at least she eats her veggies!

  2. So very girlie!! I let Robster eat sour cream with a spoon. Regularly. Oh well. Dairy?

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