Posted by: cck | September 18, 2013

my girls

I feel like I can barely keep my head on straight. Let’s see, where did we leave off?

The twelve week NT Scan came and went – and all looks good. This child is far more cooperative with the ultrasound wand than C3 ever was. Maybe it was the almost-gallon of orange juice I washed down before the scan, but this kid practically smiled for the camera. Our favorite ultrasound tech made a guess… and I’m saying “my girls” for a reason. It looks like Baby #2 is of the female variety.

Swoon. Sisters.

I passed my diabetes test with flying colors. I celebrated with not one, but two donuts from Dunkin. Like ya do.

Last Wednesday, I went for my normal appointment – and before I start this story – this kid is FINE. But apparently good behavior is only reserved for when K is also present. The nurse couldn’t find the heartbeat. The doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat. As their eyes got wide and worried, they rushed me over to the ultrasound machine. There she was: chilling out with her 161 heartbeat. Whoosh. I had actually kept my cool until that moment. After that moment? Well, I’m glad the doctor held me for a minute.

Dang kid, already causing mini strokes.

Work is intense. Still good, but ramping up. I put a post it note on my board that says HARD STOP IN MARCH. I’m going on maternity leave at some point, but until then it’s very uphill battle. Did I mention I’m going on maternity leave in March? I can make it till then. Right? Right.

Spina bifida scan / arrival of high blood pressure / upper-level ultrasound scheduled for the 10th. Cannot wait to get real confirmation that this thing is a her. Or a him. Whatever, I’m excited.



  1. youre not pregnant enough to see a heartbeat so dont worry! Some girls get scanned at 7 weeks and dont see one, go back a week later and its chugging away. Did your sonographer not tell you this?

  2. It’s early, but at 13 weeks it’s pretty normal for a nurse to find the heartbeat with a doppler. I was able to with my first pregnancy. Either way – dude, I will never ever buy a doppler for home use. Ooof!

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