Posted by: cck | September 3, 2013

the summer ain’t over

It’s still summer. And it will still be summer until sometime in November – when it gets cool enough and the pollen drops enough to open the windows. And then it will get warm enough to wear shorts on Christmas day, but maybe still cool enough to wear a cardigan to Easter. Weather is weird down here.

Summer funNot that I’m complaining! I’ll take more summer. As I saw friends’ posts on Facebook about celebrating the end of summer – I thought, “NO!” It can’t be the end of summer yet. I’ve only been out on the boat once. I’ve only swam in the Gulf three times! I’m not ready. And, y’know – total overreaction on my part as it’s still summer. With my little fifteen month old there’s still plenty of time to swim and splash and play in the sun.

She’s fifteen months, my little goose. She’s running now – arms pulled back for more aero-dynamic action. She’s my heart. Her curls are still exploding all over her head. She knows the sound of an elephant. She totally follows directions (when she wants to). She likes to help me sweep. We’ve only got a handful of words, but maybe she’ll be a late talker like I was – and then catch up for the rest of her life.

I cannot believe how much more fun this is. I was looking back through pictures – even just a few months ago and it is glaring how much she’s changed. I got her 18 month paperwork for her next doctor’s visit – when she’ll be screened for deafness and autism and other things. She’s got most of it checked off – and the things she doesn’t? I can’t believe she’ll be talking in phrases in three months. Damn, but it goes fast.

I have an ultrasound for Baby K2 on Friday. I like this ultrasound – the fetus finally looks like a baby. I won’t freak out about Downs and soft markers until the ride over to the office – and then it will be a full-on crazy shitshow. Actually, I’m just ready to get my upper-levels taken care of at 16 weeks and 20 weeks. No spina bifida over here, thankyouverymuch.


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