Posted by: cck | August 31, 2013


I made it. All summer – as trips, and work, and a growing fetus took its toll – I focused on getting to today: the first day of Labor Day Weekend.

Despite our car being stolen on Monday (yes, like out of our driveway) and events every single night, we wrapped this week up in a bow. K made STEAK (like, huge ass steaks) and potatoes and creamed spinach and it was exactly what I needed. Today, I’m in pajamas and I don’t plan on changing. We’re watching football and giggling with our happy baby toddler and I cannot stop with the run-on sentences.

I had my first (of hopefully only two) glucose tests on Friday. There’s nothing like an early morning jolt of sugar! Of course, afterwards I celebrated passing it with not one, but two doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. Like ya do.

I’ve got an ultrasound on Friday – the one where the fetus looks like a baby for the first time. I’m trying to avoid thinking about the perinatologist at week 16. I feel like I’m less worried about some things, but there’s something about that upper level ultrasound checking for spina bifida that just makes me nervous. Tuesday marks the twelve-week mark, which is always my goal to hit to avoid medication. I’m hoping I can make it to week 13 – one week at a time.

Ugh, motherhood. No wonder I’ve got so many white hairs.


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