Posted by: cck | August 20, 2013


Last night, I started to cry at the prospect of going to sleep. Crazy dreams coupled with a toddler’s insistence to crawl into my body* at night have completely derailed my sleep patterns. Add all of that to the constant waking up for potty breaks (whoa, grapefruit-sized uterus) and the fear that my eroding sleep routine will upset my unmedicated balance… There were tears. They were mostly because I’m ten weeks pregnant and hormones and Mondays, but – y’all – omigaw, I needed some sleep.

K to the rescue!

After telling me some silly stories to hopefully fill my head with pleasant thoughts and less serial murderers or crazy parents, he pulled C3’s never-been-used mattress to the side of our bed. He proudly proclaimed it was her big girl bed. She loved it. Now, she didn’t make it the whole night through – but two wake-ups instead of six? Oh yes, sweet Jesus., yes


*Yes, we’ve co-slept since she was about seven months old. It all started because she was such a good sleeper she was getting a flat spot on her head. But I couldn’t figure out how to get her to sleep on her side, so into bed she came. And she loved it. And we loved it. (Really.) The kid is cuddly and giggly and waking up together in the morning just feels/felt right. It worked for our family from the beginning. I have no idea if it will work for the next kid – or if it will still work for us by the time the new kid arrives. We’re a flexible family when it comes to sleep… However we get the most sleep is the tactic we’ll follow.

C3 hates her crib. Hates it. She’s incredibly stubborn, of course I have no idea where she gets it, and CIO just doesn’t work for her. We’ve done it. We’ve done the Sleep Lady Shuffle. Cribs are just not her thing. I don’t really blame her. I’m thinking we’ll get a big girl bed one of these days, but I’m sort of waiting to see what body part is growing inside of me. If it turns out this almost-fetus is another girl, we may go for a bunk bed or just matching twins. We’ll find out in early October.


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