Posted by: cck | August 19, 2013


MrYuckIt’s amazing this feeling of pregnancy… again. I don’t think I’m quite as tired as I was last time, but I feel yuckier. That’s how I can explain it –  yucky. My hair is falling out, but growing at alarming speed. (So, exactly reverse of C3).

Both of us are dealing with some pretty serious sleep regression on C3’s part. (Wha? Waking up six times a night?!) I don’t think I’ll sleep through the night ever again. Last night I realized I was dreading going to sleep because I didn’t want to wake up time and time again. Yeah, the joy of parenting also comes with a type of PTSD.

And the dreams – oh, I forgot about the pregnant dreams. Dear goodness, are they intense and weird. I lost my baby on the Golden Gate Bridge. There was a murderer in my kitchen having tea. I painted the house with a tie-dye pattern.

On the other hand, C3 is absolutely darling. Could not be cuter. Could not be more of a terrorist. I think we’re at the end of our ropes as far as taking care of her and working each day – but I feel good about how far we’ve come. I started looking for Montessori schools – my brother and I went to one and I remember it fondly. If we can just hang on till she’s two. I’ve asked a babysitter to come in a few days a weeks (two days) and I think that will help. I think.

See what I mean? Adorbs.


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