Posted by: cck | July 28, 2013

at craps

Several weeks ago, K went to a charity event – without me. I was not happy about it… I would have loved to go to a party and dress up and interact with other adults, even if they were all Republicans.

Alas, it was deemed to be a boys-only night. Off K went with a three piece suit, slicked back hair, and a creepy little mustache. I had sushi with one of the wives who had also been left behind. Our two babes enjoyed it and we kicked ourselves for forgetting to order beers.

K came home and was all smiles. Apparently, he’d had quite a run at the craps tables and won several things – dinner at the Clearwater Yacht Club, theater tickets, and two nights at the Clearwater Beach Hyatt Regency.

Omgee. A gorgeous suite, right on the beach, two bathrooms! Two whole days with nothing but sand, sun, and the afternoon thunderstorm. plus, C3 will be a short 15 minute drive and i may just be able to be away without feeling like I’m missing an appendage.

Now we just need to pick a weekend. The voucher is good for a year, but we really need to make it happen soon. Because soon, like in another eight months or so, our ability to escape for a weekend will be greatly compromised.

Yup. Number Two should arrive in mid-March. Whoa.



  1. Whaaat? Congrats!

  2. You are good at making babies! Congrats!

  3. Whoops– Meet me at mvp is my alias on my church blog– that was me 🙂

    • Aha!

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