Posted by: cck | July 22, 2013

coming together

I cannot believe where I’m sitting. No, not just in my sunroom/playroom/office, but where I’m sitting in my life. Things are coming together.

Like, really, really together.

Work? I’ve been pulled in too many directions, but too lazy and settled to do much about it. I waited it out – the difficulty, the personality conflicts, the ambiguity – and I’m now sitting exactly where I wanted to be. I leaned out in order to lean in, and I’m really happy about it. I feel energized and excited about what’s coming. I thought I might take another path, but I waited and listened and now am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

The house? Yeah, there are three remaining rooms waiting for their new flooring and the master bathroom hasn’t been painted yet. But instead of going away* for the weekend, K and I are dropped C3 off at her grandparents house and we focused on finishing up some of the big hairy to-dos still on the list. It will feel so good to sleep in our room – in a bed that is not resting on the floor. It’s like we’re being responsible adults or something.

The marriage? The baby? The rest of our life? There’s a lot of good things brewing up in here (really, stay tuned). I can barely take it all in. When we were down south over the Fourth, I felt this overwhelming calm. It was like an explosion – albeit a peaceful one – that ran through my body and I swear my heart grew three sizes bigger. It was amazing. Even with all the bad stuff facing us (what new air conditioning compressor?), I still can’t help but say, “It is so good.”

*I need to post about how K won us a weekend away. In a 900 sq ft suite on the Gulf. Only ten minutes away. Next time, promise.


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