Posted by: cck | July 10, 2013

so much

It’s suuuummmmmerrrrrrr.

Yup, full fledged summer up in SW Florida, complete with build-your-own-ark rain and waterspouts. How is it already July 10th? Remember as a kid how summers used to speed up – and by the time you were in high school summer seemed about two blinks long? The day I figured out that summers weren’t going faster, that it was only that the fraction of time summer occupied compared to the long existence of my life was getting smaller and smaller… mind blown, folks.

IMG_2246My daughter is so much. Her curly hair has exploded all over her head and it looks angelic. She’s definitely toddling around and I probably need to procure some shoes since it’s all adventure-time for her whenever we go out. We’ve overcome the fear of open water – she needed salt in it. As Threesie says, “There’s salt water in her DNA.” We ventured into the Gulf a few times over the Fourth and she found her stride (or is it stroke?).

She’s climbing everything in sight. At the peak of her newest accomplishment, she bounces up and down giggling. Melts my heart and gives me a heart attack almost every time. We make wild guesses about what she will be – doctor, engineer (did you see this, btw?), physicist, lion tamer. Maybe all? The joy I feel in watching her grow up is overwhelming. I am so lucky, so blessed, so truly happy… even with the giant albatross of the house reno still hung around my neck.

Although, kitchen? We’re getting there.

Original Kitchen
Improved Kitchen



  1. The kitchen looks great! And Emmy got some Goldie Blox for her birthday, such a cool idea. It’s still a little over her head but we have had fun playing with them.

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