Posted by: cck | June 24, 2013

omigaw, the water

C^3 doesn’t like the water.

Now, I think it may have something to do with her good-intentioned auntie trying to get her into the pool. Maybe. She’d been cool in the pool the weekend before. It could also be the ever-changing weirdness of a one year old. One day, mangoes are the bomb and the next not so much.

We went to a birthday party for one of our favorite one year olds on Saturday. It was a pool party. We took her in and she held on to me for dear life; clinging in a way she never has before. I don’t get it, being a water baby myself. K is the same way – we live in Florida! The only way to get through the summer is to spend all your time indoors or find your way to the nearest cool water source.

We’re headed for some beach and pool time over the 4th and she needs to prepare!

Maybe she needs the Wonder Woman plane? I certainly do.




  1. Ahhh. The Robster is the same way. LOVES a bath. Loves it. Says “BA??” anytime we come anywhere near anything that resembles a bathtub. Toddler swim lessons? Bust. “Water Play Mondays” at daycare? Bust.

  2. I think we’re rounding a corner – of course, now that I’ve typed that all progress will be lost. We’ve played in pools/the beach every day this week. She starts off scared, but chills out pretty quick. The test will be this weekend when we’re in a lot of water.

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