Posted by: cck | June 16, 2013


I’m a lucky, lucky girl.

I am married to a hunk of a man who is a wonderful, caring, fun father and an equally good husband. Girls need good dads – I am thankful for the years that were good with mine. For every inch that C3 grows, I see K stretching and growing too. He has become more hands on, more present, more careful. He loves her deeply, and tells her that all the time.

He kisses and hugs me so that she can see it (and she usually claps her hands and giggles). He is a  partner with me, showing her that dads do more than cut the grass and take out the garbage. He may not always have her in pants, but he picks out bows and clothes to make her feel pretty. He lets her play and fall down and explore on her own. He tells her how smart she is, how strong she is. She knows her father thinks she’s special – brilliant, clever, and beautiful. As she grows up, if she believes half of what her sweet father tells her she’ll be one confident chick.


We are both so lucky. Happy Father’s Day!


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