Posted by: cck | May 16, 2013


We’re counting down the days till we move in – and ticking things off the punch list. Yesterday I opened my first can of paint (don’t worry – there are 14 gallons left for me). K is still in the middle of taking down the master closet and patching some holes, but I’m moving on to the monumental task of painting. No surface is safe from my brush… I’m even painting laminate cabinets, which is almost insane. Y’all, wish me luck.


Queen Anne Pink at 50%Appliances are coming in next Friday. We move on Memorial Day. Next week we’re going to take a blow up mattress and spend nights there. Someone can get the baby down and we can work into the night. Flooring is going to be the biggest nightmare, I think. It’s easy to get down; it’s hard to finish. I painted C3’s room first: it’s pink. I chose a blush (ahem, and bashful), but dang if it didn’t look PINK as it went up. It’s better now, and it will look better once there’s real lighting and not a bare bulb plugged into an outlet.

IMG_1894What else is happening up in our lives? Nothing really exists past the reno and improvements. Oh – I did buy a church pew off of Craigslist and I am crazy excited about it. Eventually it will be a bench in our kitchen (I need a kitchen table first), but right now it will go in the sunroom/playroom once I get it painted some fantastic bright color. Cannot wait – best $20 bucks I’ve spent in a while. Seriously, I couldn’t buy the wood for $20.


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