Posted by: cck | April 23, 2013

orange and gold shell wallpaper

WallpaperY’all, I am dealing with avocado green, lots and lots of avocado green. But before we veer off into the abyss, let us not forget the orange and gold (yes, like faux gold leaf) shell wallpaper that adorns the guest bath. Or the lovely orange peach and orange (WTF?) wallpaper in the kitchen. Do you even notice the wallpaper when faced with those lovely laminate cabinets? Oh my, don’t forget that built-in cutting board!

We’re closing in two weeks – and we cannot wait. OMGee, a home of our very own.

We spent last Saturday wandering the aisles of Home Depot, a notebook and pen in our hands. We’ve got plans – plans that extend through the next two years. It’s going to take a while to get this beast in line. It’s going to be so much fun! We’ve picked out new appliances, new flooring (goodbye avocado shag!), and so much paint. Words like moonshine, classic silver, and vienna lace are floating around my head.

On top of that, at some point I need to put something together for C3’s birthday. BIRTHDAY. When did I turn around and have a one year old. I can still remember pushing – how is this possible? When do invitations for a birthday party need to go out?



  1. Congrats! Oh girl, I can give you so much advice on freshening/renovating on a budget. If you want it. We removed wall paper (hire someone to do this, save your marriage) and painted our entire house in GA, redid the master bath, replaced fixtures and faucets and gave the kitchen a makeover. And then we bought this place and since we only saw it for 30 min before we made an offer (because we had to fly back to KS), I forgot the ugly. Popcorn ceilings, ugly ALL light fixtures, but fortunately no avocado. It’s just stuck in 1992 and also the architecture out here is different than what I’m used to. I’m excited for you, it is so rewarding to take something and make it your own.

    I say at least plan to have the invites arrive at least 2 weeks before the birthday party, but not much more than 3 because people will forget. Also party planning, yay! E turns 4 soon and her party is a week from Sat. and I have soo much to do! Just remember, look at Pinterest and then step away, you can look for ideas for days and make yourself insane. I actually prefer to google what I’m looking for first, pin a few ideas, then see what else I see on Pinterest. Have fun!

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