Posted by: cck | April 18, 2013

another college weekend

It was only fair that after a trip to Columbia, we take the babe up to Tallahassee to vist FSU. It was K’s birthday and we had plans to celebrate by going to the Spring Game and a few other events for those in the weird garnet jackets. It was awesome.

IMG_0602C3 loved it! I can’t believe she made it through the whole game, but she rocked it. She laughed, clapped, and all-but did the chop. And that darling dress? Oh yes, I made it and I’m still surprised with myself. I didn’t really intend for it to be garnet and black, but just about everyone commented on it. I personally think garnet goes best with black, not with gold – but I understand I may be out-voted in Tallahassee.

I love traveling with the baby, but man it’s hard. All of it first world problems, yes (I hate washing bottles in the bathroom sink). It was our first real weekend away since, um, forever. We used to take weekend trips somewhat regularly – down to the beach, over to the east coast. This was our first weekend away in two years. It was wonderful – even with the bottles.

I love seeing my daughter interact with other people. She’s such a flirt (don’t know where she gets it). She’s doing this new thing where she crinkles up her nose and smiles with all her teeth. It’s disarming and ridiculous and I laugh every time I see it. She knows it.



  1. She is so freaking cute.

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