Posted by: cck | April 10, 2013

right again

Before the first time K and I traveled to the mountains of South Carolina, K was convinced that the mountains I dreamed about were really glorified hills. One “walk” down to Rainbow Falls had him singing another tune. Color me right again last week. It was 55° in Columbia, SC and rainy. K told me I was overreacting by packing a fleece and sweater. Unlike our balmy Florida, where 55° and rainy means there’s some warmth in the air (we don’t really get cold rain), South Carolina was frigid. We stopped for gas in O’burg and he wouldn’t get out of the car – granted he was in shorts and a t-shirt. Heh. Last time he doubts my South Carolina advice, maybe.

It was a ridiculously quick trip – up and back in less than 48 hours. In other news, that was the longest road trip we’ve ever taken with the babe. Success!



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