Posted by: cck | March 30, 2013

ten months

Whoa. Y’all – she’s ten months old. TEN MONTHS OLD. Again, I’m still a little shocked that we’ve kept a human alive for ten months. Not that she lives in a death trap or anything, but it’s just amazing to see the changes in this being. She’s got such a personality now – there’s a real person emerging from the blob of cuteness and chubby thighs.

There’s not a lot of new things to report – she likes to eat. She likes to crawl. She likes to talk to her toys and really enjoys pretend reading books. K and I imagine that she’s telling stories to herself. There are six teeth, and one more on its way up. She’s fascinated by glasses, but will no longer allow me to put a hat on her head. She loves the puppy, George – who, at seven years old isn’t much of a puppy anymore.

K and I delight in her.


*ten month picture coming soon*

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