Posted by: cck | March 29, 2013


We never do one thing at a time. What would be the point?

So, we’re buying a house. Why not? At first, I thought I was the only one driving the home-buying bus, but K is totes on board. He’s as excited as I am. We met a realtor and she asked what our dream house looked like. I stopped her cold. We weren’t looking for a our dream home – we’re still several years (ahem, maybe a decade or two) away from our dream home. Instead, we were looking for a starter home – stainless steel appliances and granite countertops need not apply.

We saw seven homes. I made offers on two. One was not accepted, the other entered into heavy negotiations and we walked away twice. And now we’re under contract. Hopefully, we’ll be closing in early May. There’s a lot to be done in our starter home – it needs new appliances and paint and updated flooring. With the deal we got, it looks like we’ll be able to do a lot of it before moving in. Oh, and yeah – the “I” above? We’re buying a house, but I’m getting the mortgage. Let me tell you, this is a little crazy for me – the girl who used to be wildly irresponsible with money. It’s amazing what seven years of sanity will help you accomplish.

And as for other changes? Drumroll please, I’m off birth control. We’re not actively trying – in fact, I’m tracking ovulation and we’re avoiding the trying. But the game is to start trying soonish – probably after we move. I didn’t like birth control pills (seriously, next time I’m opting to go back to my favorite IUD – Mirena). The interesting thing – for a gal who doesn’t ovulate, I totally ovulated this week. Whoa nelly. So, there you go. One life change at a time, right?

Breathe, girl, breathe.


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