Posted by: cck | March 7, 2013


It feels like a million years ago that our Friday night routine was to order a pizza and watch something on Hulu or Netflix in bed. We’d rush home from the week – jump into pajamas and do absolutely nothing. It was blissful. Goer-outers we were not. And still aren’t. Last weekend we partied it up with one of our favorite couples – and I probably need to come up with a code of some sort – the Ns. Their baby is just four months and such a cutie! We went out for Chinese on Friday night and then the moms met up for breakfast on Saturday (where the guys eventually joined us after a Republican breakfast where they sacrificed goats – or so I imagine).

K and I have only gone out twice without the baby. Twice in nine months. Now, we go out with her aplenty – she’s an easy baby to take out and about. But I’m thinking my husband and I could use a night out. I called GiGi and of course she’ll watch the baby. (Of course! It’s free, and I love seeing K’s parents with the baby, but it’s not “free-free.” Oh no. I’ll hear about how she helped my tired soul for months.) Originally, I planned to walk over to the new Italian place in the neighborhood, but I’m thinking an evening in might be just the thing. I’ll put clean pajamas on the bed, fluff up the pillows, and order our favorite pizza.

It’s been a crazy few weeks – we’re house hunting and I am shocked at how stressful it is. I mean, of course going into massive debt is stressful, but I always imagined it with the HGTV gloss. Cats. There are so many houses where cats have gone wild and ew. Just ew. We want to move quickly – we don’t see the win in stretching the search process out. So, cross your fingers for us!

C3 is crawling all over the place. Take your eyes off of her for one minute – and BAM! She’s clear across the house. Luckily, her giggles are loud enough to give away her position. That’s another reason for the move: child proofing! Child proofing in a house where you can’t drill into the walls to secure furniture is tricky. Kitchen cabinets with no handles means all cleaning items have been moved to the laundry room (#firstworldproblems). Whew, turning on the faucets for clean water is really difficult too.


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