Posted by: cck | February 12, 2013

hearts and bows

I love Valentine’s Day. I love the cheese factor – fat baby cupids, dark chocolate, ringlets of roses. As a kid, we used to make our valentines with doilies and crayons. This year I used photoshop, but the intent was the same. Cuteness.


K and I don’t really “do” anything. One year I made a pizza with heart-shaped pepperonis (yes, it was me with a pair of scissors and I was ridiculous). This year, since V-day falls on a Thursday we’re going to celebrate with our usual Chipotle. Yeah! Guac for everyone! Even though we don’t fall prey to Walgreen’s cheap chocolate, I love my valentine. He’s absolutely everything I want – and after nearly seven years, he still makes me swoon. Again, yeah for love!


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