Posted by: cck | December 31, 2012

another one

These milestones, they just keep on rolling huh?

It’s about to be another year.  Hello, 2013!  This is the seventh new year that K and I have celebrated as a unit.  SEVEN?!?  We’re celebrating the new year with a few other families (hah! families!) that also have tiny babies.  We’ve made a club of sorts – and it’s really good.

Last year, K had to wake me up with some sparkling cider.  I very nearly didn’t see the ball drop.  We danced in our living room – with the light of the tree still glowing, my growing belly between us.  I wondered what 2012 would bring…  I looked back, apparently I was hoping the year would unfold how it should.

It did.  There were births and deaths and changes.  And all of it unfolded as it should.  I didn’t fight the hand I was dealt, nor did I bargain to change it.  Life is good. Life was good.  Life will be good.

I’m not sure I’ve really developed a hobby – I’m thinking I’d like to start running.  Thoughts lead to deeds?


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