Posted by: cck | December 4, 2012

a month of joy

Yup, yup, yup.  It’s been a month.  Glad I didn’t sign up for that whole NaBloPoMo thing now, huh?  What can I say?  I have a kid.  Sure, that works.

Let’s see how we can catch this up.  C3 is SIX MONTHS OLD.  K and I have kept a tiny human alive for six months.  High fives, all around.  November was a great month – C3 and I voted together.  She had her first trip to the beach (girlfriend lurves some sand, y’all).  She’s 22 pounds of amazing.  The smell behind her ears is gone.  Her hair is longer and – surprisingly – curly.  She loves to play the drums on the iPad.  She wiggles with excitement when someone she knows walks in the room.  C3 is social – she loves being passed around as long as she can still find her mom or dad in the mix.  She adores light shows, books about pigs, and spinach.

I remain totally smitten.

It’s weird how much she looks like me.  No, seriously – K put one of my baby pictures on the fridge over Thanksgiving.  We hosted 20+ folks, and everyone who paused to look at the C3 montage on the fridge thought I was her.  Or, um, she was me.  We’re like little baby twins.  The seed is strong, or something.

Work is work is work.  We’re both hanging in on the work+care thing we’ve got going.  Despite the griping, we realize how crazy lucky we are.  Yes, we’re exhausted – but I don’t know a parent who isn’t on the far side of weary.

We’ve got the tree up.  It sparkles.  The parade in our little hamlet is this weekend, and we can’t wait.  I’ve snapped some Christmas photos – which I promise to share at some point.  I started to listen to carols sometime in mid-November.  I am absolutely all about Christmas.  It’s a refreshing change from the dread that usually fills my heart when we turn back the clocks.  I’ve done all the shopping so far – and shhh, don’t tell – we got C3 a ball pit.  I am totally letting the cat out of the bag because I keep giving her the gifts I’ve purchased for Christmas.  Dude, it’s not like she’s going to know.  And we need some new toys: momma is bored of blocks.  K hates it.  I cannot keep surprises, and he knows it.  Last year I got him a Star Trek robe, but wasn’t sure he’d like it so I made him try it on… in November.  I may need some help once the kiddos are old enough to know what’s going on.

*kiddos… um, yeah.  There’s still just the one kid.  We’re not trying for a second, yet.  But soon.  We’re crazy enough to be thinking soon.

I’ve read a bunch of things I want to write about in the coming days – beautiful moms, raising normal children, bad labor practices in chocolate production.  I may just start blogging again.  I was a little blindsided by my mother – something about my parents reading all of this just makes me want to hide it under a bucket.  But… I’m not running again (or at least those are my brave words tonight).

Meanwhile – there’s this:

Beach Day


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