Posted by: cck | October 1, 2012

c3: four months

I still have trouble some days believing I’m really a parent. There’s this incredible, grunting, growing, standing person that I have to take care of – and I cannot believe she’s still here. She’s spectacular, this daughter of mine.

As a family, we’ve had some milestones this month. We both feel like we can distinguish between cries. I’m a little (only by a smidgen) better at figuring out the nuances between “I’m hungry” and “Please put something in my mouth to chew on.” We’ve even got some silly family traditions going. There’s a Saturday morning sing off, where we are slowly introducing C3 to our varied musical interests. Each morning I sing the good morning song, each evening there’s a dose of The Sweetheart Tree and White Wings.

We introduced solids – starting with apple and sweet potato. So far, we’ve stretched to include peaches and butternut squash. Next up on the agenda, vanilla pears.  I went a little hog wild with some fresh produce – I’ve got peas, zucchini, and plums in the freezer (as well as little cute cubes of all of the above). It’s been sort of fun, feeding the kid in a high chair. Cannot believe I’m feeding my child in a high chair. She lunges for the spoon like a little bird.

C3 is teething. It – quite honestly – hasn’t been so bad.  Lots of general discomfort, that’s for sure, but no up-all-nights. Of course, as I type those very words I’m sure I’m cursing myself. She is, most importantly, putting everything in her mouth. Your fingers? Going in. Dad’s laptop? Gonna try. Her giant stuffed turtle? Totally getting it in. Every time she does it, I cannot stop thinking of this song. It’s a little awkward.

She stands by pulling herself up. She loves moving – her arms, her legs, her head. Girlfriend is sitting all by herself – not just leaning, but real live sitting. And although she’s shown absolutely no interest in rolling over, she’s started picking up her feet and putting them back down in a bad imitation of tap dancing. Or, y’know, walking.

This is more than I ever expected it to be. My life is both smaller and bigger. My heart is more tender and more fierce. My arms exhausted and yet stronger.


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