Posted by: cck | September 24, 2012

the last one

I read something on Huffington Post (don’t gag, c’mon – we all do it) about how we spend so much time focusing on the “firsts.”  The first day, the first step, the first day of school – we all do it.  We pay attention and document the firsts of our children’s lives.

Lasts don’t get the same fanfare.  They pass silently, most likely without a picture in an album.  When will she fall asleep in my arms for the last time (yes, I realize some of these things won’t come for a while), when will be the last time she holds on to my pinky during a feeding, when will it be the last time she shakes with excitement when I walk into a room?  I realize this is a pretty melancholy thought – I almost made K cry last night.  It’s been one of those delightful weekends – when we cuddled and played and giggled – and I have trouble imagining how much more wonderful our lives could be.

Promise I’m not feeling melancholy or anything – it’s just a little bittersweet to think about all the things I’m going to miss about having a teeny tiny infant.  I’m trying hard to soak in every little moment – even when I’m tired, or there’s laundry to fold, or bottles to wash.  I suppose that’s just part of the balance of mommyhood.  But man, if it doesn’t just all go by so quickly.


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