Posted by: cck | September 21, 2012


Calling for all parent advice here!  When I was at the weecycle last week, I purchased a few toys that I thought were developmentally advanced.  Now, I’m not saying my child is a genius… but I’m saying my child is a genius.

I purchased one of these (for a $1.50!), and the chick is seriously rocking it.  So, um, now I feel like I need some new toys.  More than jingly little things that hang and swing, you know?  I’ve got a toy sorter from Melissa & Doug, but I think it may be a bit advanced.

C3 can sit, with or without the bumbo, but she’s almost happier on her tummy.  She’s mesmerized by sparkle fingers.  She loves to sit in our laps and try out toys.  I have a hard time staying away and letting her take the lead.  I’m totally that mom from Parenthood (swimming episode anyone?).  Luckily, K usually reminds me to let her figure it out.

Anyway, any and all advice is welcome.  Let the great toy flood of childhood begin!



  1. Balls. The winkle.

  2. Winkle is on its way (where would I be without amazon prime?). Thanks.

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