Posted by: cck | September 17, 2012

a warm breeze

Every once in a while, the stars align and birds sing and everything works out.  Today was one of those days.

Despite a slow and daunting morning filled with a shade of green I’d rather not remember, this afternoon turned into something lovely.  It was beautiful out – sunny with a warm breeze.  I miss seasons, living down here – but there’s something absolutely gorgeous about what passes for autumn.

We (we were all in the green club for a while, so it was a family sick day) decided to get out of the house and went down the street to the park at the Marina.  Again, pinching myself.  How did I luck out to live five blocks from the Gulf?  For twenty minutes or so, we played on the swings and even ventured down the slide.  It was our first adventure to the park – and I know there will be countless more.


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