Posted by: cck | September 16, 2012

nibbles and nuggets

It’s been a relatively uneventful week.  Let’s catch up, shall we?

Single Parenthood.  I have a complete and abiding respect for single parents.  K’s other grandfather passed away on Monday, and so he traveled to Connecticut for the funeral.  I was alone for five days – and while C3 an I survived without a scratch, I am tiiiiiiiir’d.  I think trying to work full time + take care of teh babeh full time lent itself to full exhaustion by the time K stepped off the plane (at exactly 9:02 PM on Saturday night).  Let’s just say – we’re both glad to have him back.

Adventures in Poop.  Cloth diapering has been relatively easy.  Even when there’s a diaper that you’d really just rather throw away, it hasn’t been that hard.  I’ve added to our stash so I’ve got enough diapers for 2.5 days which makes the laundry situation much easier.  However, one of the brands of diapers we use – FuzziBunz – has an adjustable elastic leg.  Since C3’s thighs are HUGE, I decided to let out the elastic a little.  Big mistake.  Huge.  She was sitting on the couch while I was entertaining her with a silly dance when I heard it – explosion time.  Poop started flooding out the leg holes of the diaper… and all over the couch.  a) Hysterical.  b) Damn, I have to clean this up all by myself.  c) Microfiber couches are ah-mahzing.  Let’s just say, the diapers have been tightened.

Weecycle.  Dude, I love consignment shopping, and the bi-annual Weecyle did not disappoint.  I scored toys, a stride-to-ride, nine legging/shirt outfits, a few Christmas dresses (let’s hope I guessed correctly on sizing), and some socks for under $40.  Gah, love it.  I’m hooked.  I’ve also hooked up with some mommy co-ops on facebook.  I’ve ordered Melissa & Doug for 50% off, Aden + Anais for 50% off, diapers for a few bucks a piece, hats, leggings… you name it, they have it.  Nearly all the groups have 3,000+ members; the women running these co-ops are logistic heroes.  I’m really impressed with how easy it all is.  I love saving moola.  Gah.

Shedding.  All that bee-utiful, thick hair I had while I was pregnant?  It is shedding like you would not believe.  I am pulling handfuls of hair out while I shampoo, my brushes are full, it’s falling out all. the. time.  Oddly, C3’s hair is also shedding.  It’s strange how we both are going through similar things at similar times.  Maybe not so strange – we were in the same body for a while.  Meanwhile, my thick hair ain’t so thick anymore.  I haven’t cut it or colored it for nearly three months, and, um, it needs some help.

Posture.  I’ve noticed I hunch.  I’ve never had great posture on account of being rather tall, but this is ridiculous.  I’ve started leaning up against a wall at night, just to remind my body what it is to stand up straight.  Cradling a baby does not do good things for your back, lemme tell you.

Challenge.  I’m trying to figure out games to play with my nearly-four month old.  She’s much more interested in toys – and likes to play… but, I feel like there’s more I could be doing.  Painting maybe?  Hmm… seems like there should be a website where I could find things like that.  Oh yes, pinterest!

Crafting.  I found a super cute idea for Halloween – a costume and little cards.  (Am I the only one who sends silly little cards for other holidays, like Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving?  I love to do it – it’s so unexpected!)  Squee, can’t wait.  If it turns out anything like I hope, I’ll be sure to share.  I finally figured out birth announcements – and they’ll be mailed within two weeks.  Finally.  I feel like such a slacker.  Better start working on Christmas cards now, or else I’ll be looking at sending them out sometime in March.




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