Posted by: cck | September 11, 2012


One of the odd things about dealing with fertility issues (or thinking you were going to have to battle with fertility issues) is knowing exactly when you do actually conceive. Whether it’s because you were stalking that luteinizing hormone or because you had numerous beta tests leading up to and maybe even after or because there were a lot of people in the room besides your partner, you might be lucky enough to know exactly when there was a person starting to grow inside your body.

I know the day we conceived. I have no idea what it is about national tragedy that made us retire early that Sunday, but a year ago today some sort of magic happened. And it worked. And it grew. And it became the person who is snoring in a bassinet next to my desk. (Gah, why are baby snores so cute? And so loud? I mean, seriously.)

I don’t know that in twenty years I’ll remember the miracle that’s tied to this date as much as I’ll remember the events that changed how we live. I sort of hope I remember all of it.


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