Posted by: cck | September 4, 2012


I splurged.  I love buying things for my baby.  Cloth diapers?  Can’t resist ’em.  Bows for $0.67 a piece?  Gotta do it.  A $15 off coupon for a Wittlebee box?  Sign me up!

I bought one with a great coupon from Rage Against the Minivan.  I was all excited – I’d seen the boxes on pinterest.  A quick perusal of their facebook gallery told me everything I needed to know – cuteness in a box that often included Star Wars onesies.  A quick online process gives you several options to choose for your child – colors, styles, weather, sizes.  It all seemed so simple.  I wanted a box that delivered a few put-together outfits for C3.  The promise of $100 worth of clothing for less than half price seemed like a good deal.

I chose size 12 months with a mix of t-shirts, shorts, and dresses.  I opted for one of the six items to be an accessory.  I asked for no slogans (unless it’s geek movies!), no glitter, and no tank tops.  For the girls, you could choose from hearts, flowers, animals, polka dots.  I went with flowers and polka dots.  Instead of hot Florida, I chose California Dreamin’.  I wanted the box to be full of color, so I told them her favorite colors were pink, red, and blue.  There’s an option to pick the style – diva, hipster, geek.  I chose a blend of mix-n-match and geek.  I was seriously jonesing for that Star Wars onesie.

Instead of this, I got a box that was filled with blah.  A Wittlebee branded t-shirt with black leggings was my only outfit.  I thought the bow matched, but there’s no green in the t-shirt.  Added to that was an identical pair of gray leggings, a blue polka dot t-shirt, and a cream onesie.  Not sure how any of that is an outfit that goes together.  I don’t consider a white and aqua polka dot t-shirt and gray leggings an outfit.  And I wouldn’t put the cream bear onesie with either of the leggings.  And, no dresses!  I was really hoping for a dress.

I was super disappointed.  I called, and was even more disappointed by the customer service.  The gal on the other side of the phone didn’t seem the least bit concerned that my box was underwhelming.  She asked what I wanted to change, and I hope I gave her enough information.  Other folks on facebook seemed to detail a special conversation with their “stylist.”  Mine seemed less interested than the guy at the Gap who folds the sweaters a little lopsided.

To add insult to all of this – I have to pay to return the box.  Not only did they not follow my instructions, the clothes are all 12 – 18 months.  If I had known that was an option, I would have chosen the smaller size – like nine months.  My daughter is a giant, but at only three months, she’s not in size 12 – 18 months.  Then, I decided to google the brands.  If I added up all the items in my box – and generously assigned the headband a hefty $15 price tag, I barely get to $50 bucks.  Fail, Wittlebee, fail.

Since I have to send it back anyway, I’m giving them a chance to try again.  I’ll let you know if they get it right the second time.  Here’s hoping.  And yes, I know how #firstworldproblems this is.  


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