Posted by: cck | August 31, 2012

c3: three months

Just the three of us…  It’s been three months (ahem, give or take) since we welcomed our first child into the world.  THREE MONTHS!  Y’all, I don’t quite get how something so major happened to us.  Blah, blah, blah… earth shaken.

My daughter is three months old.  And she’s a pistol.  She’s always moving – her hurky jurky movements are getting slightly more graceful. Although with me as her mom, we don’t have a lot of hope for her to be super coordinated – ever.  In her jumperoo, her feet touch the floor.  TOUCH THE FREAKIN’ FLOOR.  My daughter is a giant.  She’s wearing nine month clothing – although tonight, we were stretching her nine-month pajamas.  I refuse to cut the feet off – they’re simply too cute.

She loves her people.  She smiles at just about everyone – but the really big smiles?  The ones that light up her whole face?  Those are saved for her mom and dad, her Gigi and Pop, her Grami, and her MeeMa.   We, of course, light up in return.  She’s grabbing for things, focusing on how things happen – she’s even (dare I say it?) sleeping for longer periods of time.

I’m pretty sure there’s a tooth that’s milimetering it’s way up to the light.  And while we tried solids (read: organic brown rice cereal), we decided to wait for her to get a bit older before introducing solids.  It’s a decision we made against our pediatrician’s advice.  I know, I know, color me a rebel.  It just didn’t *feel* right.  What I’ve figured out so far about parenting – those feelings?  Those gut, I-know-what-is-best feelings?  They matter.  They’re important.  And I follow them.

She’s scootching, but not yet crawling.  She likes to go to dinner, but now she wants to see the action.  She’s nosey and inquisitive.  She’s started “talking” and we have these little conversations that I hope continue for the rest of our lives – but with, y’know, real words at some point.  I can just tell there’s so much she wants to do.  It’s like she’s just aching to join the conversation, stand up and walk.

My daughter is amazing.  And she’s three months old.  How am I ever going to let her go to college?



  1. She’s gorgeous– you are doing a great job mama!

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