Posted by: cck | August 28, 2012


The Republicans are coming!  The Republicans are coming!

Tampa Bay is infested with conservatives this week.  Florida and South Carolina delegates are staying at the same location, which happens to be right up the road.  We picked up K’s old boss for dinner last week.  As we drove into the resort, I saw car after car with South Carolina plates.  It’s been too long since my last dose of SC, as seeing the cars made me homesick.  Even bumpers plastered with Romney stickers didn’t make it better.

I’m thinking a trip in the fall is in order.  C3 needs to pick some apples is all I’m saying.

Meanwhile, K has scored a guest pass and will be going tomorrow night.  He’s got CSPAN on the tv now, and all I see are a bunch of white people trying to jam out.  Somedays, it’s hard for me to rationalize my husband’s political views.  Do you hear how they’re talking about women?  He retorts by asking if I agree with every thing every Democrat has ever said.

I don’t.  But c’mon, I pretty much agree with what the leaders of my party say.  His leaders think my body is up for grabs.  I’ve already had one person inside my uterus, I’m not inviting anyone else for a while.  I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a country that believes her choices aren’t valid.  And I’m not even getting into abortion here – I’m talking about personhood amendments that make IVF and birth control illegal.  I want so much more for her.

I want her to live in a country that encourages her to succeed, that entices her to deliver.  I want her to live in a diverse place – with different cultures, religions, colors.  I want her to know the best that we can be, not by being divisive but by being inclusive.  A girl can dream, right?



  1. You raise her up right! 🙂 And also, you should totally take her to Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock. We may to try to make it up there for our annual pictures when we fly out the end of Sept/first of Oct. We’ve gone every year since E was born, can’t miss this year!

    • I love Sky Top! We used to go every year as kids, and then head over to Connemara (Carl Sandburg’s home) for a picnic and hiking. I miss the mountains!

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