Posted by: cck | August 16, 2012

nibbles and nuggets

It’s been busy this week – both of us are exhausted and we can’t figure out why.  Are we finally worn down?  Work + baby care + life = tired mom and dad?  Yeah, that’s where we are.  Meanwhile:

Paleo-ish.  We’ve started eating better, which meant a massive trip to Costco for their reasonably-priced veggies.  We’re on week two, and so far so good.  Somehow, knowing you can eat fruit makes it easier to stick to – a small amount of sugar/carbs keeps us from the headaches.  I’ve even started packing lunch for both of us thanks to a little bento box.  I’m not cutting stuff out in shapes yet, but I am considering this practice for future school lunch boxes.  I keep meaning to snap pictures of our dinner plates – it’s actually been quite pretty.  Lots of color when you’re eating mostly veggies.

Spoons.  My giant daughter is starting on rice cereal this week… with a SPOON.  Y’all, I am not prepared for this.  As much as I rolled my eyes when she’d reach for yet another bottle (I’d reach, she’d just signal by sticking out her tongue) I cannot believe I’m supposed to start feeding this kid with a spoon.  In three weeks, I’m supposed to start feeding her fruits.  What the hey?  She’s too young for this shit.  Also, I thought I’d have more time to figure out the food making process.  Yes, I plan on making my own baby food.  Like everything so far, we’ll see how that goes.  Advice is welcome.

Giant.  My daughter is a giant.  She’s >97% for weight and height, and 85% for head size.  She’s 11 weeks old and already wearing 9 month (and some 12 month) stuff.  I cannot believe how much she’s grown.  It’s wonderful, but holy hell she’s growing up fast.

Smiles.  She smiles ALL the time.  It is absolutely mind blowing.  It’s like she smiles with her whole body.  How does one do that exactly?

Photography.  We’re finally having baby pictures taken, thanks to a pretty spectacular groupon.  Saturday morning, at a nearby park, and I cannot wait.  I have absolutely no idea what we’re all going to wear yet, but I figure I’ll worry about that tomorrow.  Also need to pick out baby announcements.  Hmm, my to do list is growing and growing.

Co-working.  That’s what I call it, sort of like co-sleeping.  We’re both glad to do it – the keeping of the baby during the day – but neither of us is at our best.  It’s hard to think I’m not focusing on her enough on the days she’s with me, but I also know she wouldn’t be getting one-on-one attention at a care center either.  I’m just as good.  End the working-mommy guilt!  This is working for us because it HAS to work for us right now.  I’m able to catch up on work on the days she’s not here, and K has his dad for a little extra help.  I will say this – she loves going to the shop and hanging with her Pop.  The man can make her giggle like no one else.  I can already tell these two are going to have a special relationship.

Toys.  They’ve taken over our home.  K was sort of thrown by the arrival of the craigslist-found jumperoo and bouncer. I’m not sure he quite understood the magnitude of toys and baby shit that will now takeover our home.  I don’t think it’s too bad.  Stuff stays in a corner and we pull it out to play with and then we put it back.  At least all the baby things are huge.  Once we get into blocks! and toys! and figurines! we will wish for the day of bulky big toys.

Cloth.  We’re doing cloth diapers.  Have I told you that?  It’s nice that it’s sort of environmentally friendly, but it’s really because I’m thrifty.  Also, I think they’re cuter.  Also, I’m pretty sure the disposable diapers we used were giving C3 a rash.  We actually started out doing cloth, and only used disposables while traveling and/or while people were dying.  Gawd, that’s sick humor.  Forgive me.  So far, I’ve been using FuzziBunz, although I’m supplementing my stash with Sunbaby and Alva diapers too.  I’ve found a bunch of co-ops on Facebook that order directly from retailers – it’s awesome.  I’ve purchased diapers, aden + anais blankets, teething jewelry, and Melissa & Doug stuff for more than 50% off retail.  Again, thrifty moms unite!

That’s it for nibbles and nuggets.  I can now delete the half written posts from the last few days.  Nibbles and nuggets might become a regular feature up in here.  And now, for some pictures!


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