Posted by: cck | August 10, 2012

it’s so good

It seems like every evening, K and I look at each other and one of us says, “It is so good.”

This whole parenthood is just so smashingly wonderful.  Even when it’s exhausting, it’s just so amazingly good.  I know I’m like a broken record – believe me, I had no idea I’d gush this much.  I thought I’d be one of those cool moms who only posts on facebook once a month about their kid, who never ever blogged about poop, and was able to leave the child with a caretaker at week four.  I’m totally not a cool mom.  I manage to keep it together a little bit, but it’s so SQUEE!!1!1! in my life that I cannot make myself stop.  Coolness be damned.

One night a week, I’m home alone with my daughter while K has a lawyers-only meeting.  It’s those nights – when it’s just the two of us – that the blessed feeling of being a part of C3’s life washes over me.  I was holding her last night, but not paying nearly as much attention as she wanted me to (what? I was catching up on RHONY).  I turned back to face her and she had this total scowl on her face, complete with a pout and crinkled eyebrows.  I couldn’t help but smile and laugh, and immediately she smiled and giggled back at me.  How can I focus on anything else?  What in the world is more important than paying attention to those chubby cheeks?

My boss, a father to FIVE boys, described the sensation perfectly.  He told me that  it was delicious to see the world through the eyes of your child.  It is – it’s delicious.  Watching her grow, explore, and attempt new things absolutely blows my mind.  She’s a genius!  She’s a diva!  She’s braver than Amelia Earhart!  As we approach the 11-week mark, I see more and more of this person emerge.  Yeah, I get why people have babies.


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