Posted by: cck | August 1, 2012

two months

I have a confession.

I thought I’d be the mom who kept great records and was going to pinterest-worthy almost all the time.  I planned on taking prego pictures… took none.  I planned on cutesy sayings on your nursery walls (and finished curtains)… and I have yet to finish them.  As such, I planned on writing my daughter each month about the excitement and joy of her life.  Yeah, about that.

It’s been two months since C3 entered the world (well, two months and a few days but who’s counting?).  Two months and it’s like she’s a whole new person each and every day.  It’s not just her eyelashes that continue to get longer and longer or her thighs that are bulking up each minute.  She’s delicious, this daughter of mine.

This month, she’s started smiling at everything around her.  She loves her father’s Donald Duck impression.  She giggles when I change her diaper.  She grins when we pick her up.  She’s paying attention to toys and sounds, but is still a sucker for a good ceiling fan.  She’s a giant – although we have to wait till next week to find out exactly how big.  Her eyes are getting lighter and her hair is getting longer (and coming in blonde!).

She traveled to Pennsylvania and visited with her family – her great-grandparents and great great aunts and uncles.  She’s been to Naples and Venice – all without leaving Florida.  We had our very first family vacation – and it was only slightly like the National Lampoon’s.

We’ve been full-time parents for two months, and it’s been absolutely wonderful.  On to month three!


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