Posted by: cck | July 24, 2012


I talk about poop much more than I ever expected.  In fact, I inspect poop far more than I ever expected.

Last week, C3 had diarrhea.  On Monday, I called our pediatrician who told me to call back if it lasted more than three days.  On Tuesday, I saw a little blood in her diaper, called the pediatrician and we were seen that afternoon.  She had a fever – in the doctor’s office – of 100.3.  After a blood test, I was told it was viral, but as an extra precaution they’d test her poop to make sure.

We switched up formula to something easier to digest.  I watched her like a hawk to make sure she didn’t have a fever.  And, by Wednesday night she was on the mend.  Less clingy, more smiles.  She was still having diarrhea, but even the horrible diarrhea-induced diaper rash was healing.  I checked with the doctor on Thursday about our family trip the next day and got the all-clear.

We boarded the plane at 8AM on Friday morning, and by the time we picked up the rental car in Philadelphia – literally, as I was signing the rental agreement – there was a call from our pediatrician.  It went something like this:

“Hi, is this C3’s mom?”
“Yes.  Hi, Doctor K.”
“Did you go on your vacation yet?”
“Yes.  We’re in Philadelphia.  Thanks for checking up on us – she’s doing much better.”
“Yes, well, actually – are you near the hospital?  There’s a very good children’s hosp-”

Seems the culture came back showing salmonella in her poop and we needed to get to a hospital post haste to have some tests done.  Salmonella in a baby so young can cause all kinds of trouble.  Luckily, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is consistently ranked as one of the top hospitals in the country.  We were about 15 minutes away – you’ve never seen such calmly panicked parents driving.

They were wonderful.  Putting a hospital onesie on your baby girl is absolutely heart-wrenching.  After about three hours of consultations with their pediatricians and an infectious disease guy, our daughter was deemed healthy enough to avoid the massive blood work-up that’s usually ordered and we were released.  She really was on the mend – and K and I were beyond relieved.

So, poop.  I’m really glad we were in Philadelphia.  I’m really glad that C3 was on the mend.  I’m really glad we’re all fine.  Whew.



  1. […] She has no temperature, no repeats of the peppery poop, and no diarrhea. However, knowing how we battled against salmonella we offered up several samples of the little one’s stool to check for a myriad of diseases. […]

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