Posted by: cck | June 29, 2012

one month


You’re one month old.  It feels like you’ve always been here – you are such a part of our lives that I feel like you should really be thirty-something.  Although that would be super creepy and weird if we were the same age, so scratch that.

You are my favorite part of every day.  In the morning, when I hear you around four – or maybe it’s three, or two, or five – who the hell knows when you wake up. Anyway, I hear you – five feet away in the bassinet – and I sort of zombie walk over to you and pick you up…  it’s sort of like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one.  You snuggle up to me immediately, and despite my ineptness, you appear to know you’re safe.

You’ve started to reach for things.  You reach for the toys hanging in front of you.  You reach out your chubby long arms to grab your dad.  You curl your fingers around my shirt and won’t let go.  It makes me feel like a mom.  Like, a real real mom.  You smile, you burp, you like to kick your legs.  About a week ago, you started to scootch (how do you spell that?) yourself during tummy time.  I realized this was a precursor to you moving, and that your dad and I were properly screwed.

You save your poopy diapers for your father – and I’m really thankful for that.  While you have pooped on me, you’ve pooped on your dad a LOT more.  Getting feces into his beard is a story I will love telling for years to come.  Meanwhile, you’re totally like your mom – you pee all the time.  I know we’d go through diapers… but 14 in one day?  Yeah, you’re my kid.

Your entire family loves you.  They delight in you.  When I watch the people that love you interact with you – it’s as if you’ve turned on every light in the house.  Oh, baby girl – you’ve got some serious family ties.  You are incredibly loved.  Treasured.  Adored.

I have never loved the world more.  I love your the way your eyes droop as you fight sleep.  I love the way your father holds you, and how he greets you when he comes home from work.  I love the way you want all of my attention. I love when your eyes lock onto mine.  I love you, baby girl.  Thanks for making us this family.


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